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Bonsai Tree DIY Grow Kit By Home Grown

Bonsai Tree DIY Grow Kit By Home Grown

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Start growing your own bonsai tree with this Bonsai Grow Kit.

The seeds are sourced in the USA from selected stock of trees. Each seedling is specially selected to give the best chance of displaying good bonsai characteristics.

Our bonsai grow kit is simple to use. Simply follow the instructions and you will have a mini-bonsai tree in no time.

Everything You Need To Grow Is Included in Your Mini Garden Kit

* 4x bonsai tree plant seed varieties. Non-GMO, fresh, ready to germinate seed kit

* With Extra seeds!

* 4x Earth-Friendly Bonsai Tree Pot, Drip Trays and 3x Soil Peats

* 4x Wood Plant Markers

* Bonsai Tree Fertilizer

The Bonsai Tree Grow Kit also includes a detailed guide to help you care for your plants as they grow into mature miniature trees. We believe in making our world a little greener. Our seeds are non-GMO with high germination rate.

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